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பிரபல பின்னணிப் பாடகி ஜிக்கி காலமானார்

தென்னிந்தியாவின் பிரபல பின்னணிப் பாடகி ஜிக்கி புற்று நோயினால் நேற்று தனது 70வது வயதில் காலமானார்.

காலம் சென்ற பிரபல பின்னணிப் பாடகர் ஏ.எம். ராஜா அவர்களின் மனைவியான இவர் கடந்த 1950ம் ஆண்டு தொடக்கம் 1960ம் ஆண்டு காலம் வரை மிக பிரபல்யம் பெற்று விளங்கிய பாடகியாவார்.

இவர் கல்யாண ஊர்வலம் வரும்... மயக்கும் மாலைபொழுதே நீ போ... போன்ற புகழ்பெற்ற பாடல்கள் உட்பட, சுமார் 10 ஆயிரம் வரையிலான பாடல்களை இதுவரை பாடியுள்ளார்.

Jikki---- a Voice First and Last of its kind

Jikki, thrilled the entire world of music with her rare variety of voice and her special touch of vocal chords would be ringing in the ears of everybody. At the outset she won the hearts of Telugus with only one song "Eruvaka saagalo rannao chinnanna" from the film "Rojulu Marai".

Born in a middle class family as PG Krishanveni in Chandragiri, Chittoor district, she was introduced in "Pantulamma" as a child artist and continued to exhibit her talents of acting and singing in "Gollabhama" and "Mangalasutram". She took up singing as full fledged profession at the age of 16 and stopped acting. Around ten thousand songs were there to her credit in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi too.

The songs in the film Devadas (1953) sung by her became very popular with music lovers and still they feel afresh. Rajkapoor's "Ah" was reproduced as "Premalekhalu" and Shankar Jaikishan composed the music in which Jikki's songs thrilled each and everyone.

During the filming of "Maheshwari" AM Raja and Jikki became intimate and married subsequently.

To quote some of her best-"Panditlo Pellavatunnadi", "Ekantamo Sayantramo", "Ghallu Ghallu Gajjala Sangeetam", "Jeevitame Saphalamo"-- etc. Music composers used to treat her a little bit higher than LataMangeshkar in those days. She used to sing any song to suit to the voice of the particular artist and Anjali Devi's was a best example in this context.

She toured London, Germany, France and Switzerland to entertain with her sweet and rare voice.

She was honoured by Madras Kala Sagar with "Ugadi Puraskaram" and Govt. of Tamilnadu awarded her "Kalai Ma Mani".

After a long recess Andhras were blessed to hear her voice again in "Aditya 369" with the song "Janavule Nerajanavule"

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